4th January 2016

Happy new year from 5S Supply and best wishes for a prosperous 2016

We are delighted to bring you another innovative global tooling supply partner to further enhance our range of high quality, productive, economic metal cutting solutions.

Kyocera Unimerco

30th March 2015

Amazing SpinJet innovation from Tungaloy

Click to here for more information on SpinJet

1st July 2014

We are delighted to welcome Technical Sales Manager David Sloan.

David joined us on the 30th June as Technical Sales Manager, bringing with him a wealth of metal cutting experience. Having began his engineering career as a time served CNC Turner, David progressed through into an engineering role supporting manufacturing and process development for key customers in the Oil & Gas and Aerospace industries.

We look forward to providing our customers the opportunity to benefit from his wealth of experience and knowledge.

1st July 2014

Technical Sales agreement with Tungaloy UK Ltd.

Just when we thought we had a compliment of solutions for our customers which could not be surpassed, we considered the broad product programme offered by Tungaloy only to discover that within their product offer lay a host of unique value adding systems which we felt would be of great interest to our customers!

Tungaloy is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of carbide cutting tools. Nearly 80 years of experience in the engineering of cutting tools are reflected in the extensive product programs. Tungaloy manufactures products from carbide, cubic boron nitride (CBN), polycrystalline diamond (PCD), ceramics and cermets of the highest quality and performance levels.
Tungaloy’s innovative R & D department focuses its efforts upon creating state-of-the-art products for highly efficient and economic machining applications for the production needs of the 21st century. Tungaloy offers a wide range of turning, milling and drilling products of the highest quality, using new technologies that are aligned with customer demands.

Click here to see just some Tungaloy innovations

Click on this link if you would like your personal hard copy of the Tungaloy 2013/2014 catalogue ASAP!

13th March 2014

We welcome to Ireland an excellent round tools product range from Sutton Tools, Australia.

As one of the world’s largest independent family owned cutting tool companies, Sutton Tools have been producing high-quality precision cutting tools since 1917.

They also bring us the world famous Engineers Black Book, the ultimate engineers reference book… Data sheets, formulae, reference tables, equivalent charts and more… A wealth of up-to-date, useful, information within over 160 matt laminated grease proof pages. Wire bound to stay flat on a workbench when reading, it is the perfect resource for engineers, apprentices, machine shops and tool rooms.

Click on this link if you would like a copy of the Sutton Tools high performance catalogue

3rd June 2013

Extensive expansion to our hole making product offer through the addition of Allied Maxcut

Established in 1941, Allied Machine & Engineering Corporation introduced a more effective universal-style spade drill in the 1960’s, breaking new ground for the industry with patented developments in blade locking and particle metallurgy. In the 1980’s, Allied pioneered innovative spade drill geometry and coatings that took hole-making to a level never before seen by the metal cutting industry. In 1992, Allied formed a partnership with Allied Maxcut Engineering Company of West Midlands, England.

Here are some important milestones:
1984 – T-A® Drilling System
1986 – TiN coated High Performance spade drills
2001 – ASC 320® Solid Carbide
2004 – GEN2-T-A® drill insert
2006 – GEN3SYS® High Penetration Drilling System
2008 – Revolution Drill®
2010 – GEN3SYS® XT Drill

1st January 2013

Best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2013

‘Ring in the new’

We are pleased to welcome Sales Correspondent David Grieve

In 2013 we will focus on helping our customers increase profitability by identifying the most cost effective tooling solutions. To arrange a consultation to discuss your most challenging machining applications contact David on 02890 996990 or email him on david@5ssupplyltd.com

Efficient drilling and tapping on Titanium
High volume metal removal on Aluminum
Problem free milling and drilling on Hardox
Productive turning, threading and grooving on Stainless Steel

21st April 2012

The MACH 2012 exhibition provided an excellent opportunity for us to complete some important new agency and distribution agreements. We are pleased to be able to offer you products from several important additional brands which now provides an unsurpassed scope of supply in terms of our total tooling product offering. The brands are carefully selected to ensure we have a range of products and expertise which will enable us to offer solutions for any metal cutting requirement, no matter how challenging.

Horn Cutting Tools Ltd. is the wholly owned UK subsidiary of Horn S.A. Luxemburg, Europe’s leading supplier of grooving tools and a world leader in precision grooving technology. The Horn group of companies is led by Paul Horn GmbH, based in Tubingen, near Stuttgart, which has been developing and producing grooving, side turning and slot milling tools since 1969.

Visit the Horn website to learn more http://www.phorn.co.uk/company/

Formed in 2004, Vargus Tooling UK, is a renowned provider of high quality, competitive solutions for threading, grooving, drilling, spindle tap tooling and hand deburring applications. Established in 1960 in Nahariya, Israel, Vargus is the tooling division of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group. Since the company’s inception, Vargus engineers have pioneered breakthrough tooling solutions such as the first triangular laydown threading insert; the first indexable thread milling system; and the original hand-deburring system.

Visit the Vargus website to learn more http://www.vargusuk.co.uk/

Dormer Tools was formed in 1913 and has developed from a traditional cutting tool manufacturer to one of the world’s largest producers of Solid Carbide and High Speed Steel round tools, with branches in over 40 countries worldwide. An extensive and highly developed range of drilling, reaming, milling and threading tools are available from stock.

Visit the Dormer website to learn more http://www.dormertools.com/

These important additions complement the brands which were added following the acquisition of Lathgo Threading Tools.

Taps, dies, chasers, rolls and gauges since 1987.

Visit the Wiseman website to learn more http://www.threadtools.com/

A Metalbor brand; drills, reamers, taps, endmills, slot drills, countersinks, slitting saws, and side & face mills since 1946.

Visit the Metalbor website to learn more http://www.metalbor.com/

The famous V-Coil thread repair system in boxed sets or individual drills, taps, wire coil inserts, tang break tools and insertion tools.

Visit the Volkel website to learn more http://www.voelkel.com/english/index.html

5th October 2011


5S Supply Ltd is pleased to announce the acquisition of Lathgo Threading Tools.

The specialist supply company was formed in Lisburn in 1976 by Mr Irvine Bothwell and is renowned as the definitive source for all types of threading solutions. Prior to setting the business up, Irvine had been responsible for the sales of Goliath threading products in Northern Ireland. Initially his enterprise provided continuity for Goliath when they closed their local operation. As the business grew, other manufacturers and product types were added. A key success factor for Lathgo has been their stock holding reputation, especially for less popular thread forms, often heard expressed as “If anyone will have one, it’s Lathgo!” This is a policy which is set to continue.

Irvine Bothwell

The merger sits very well with the wider scope of supply encompassed by 5S Supply as in many situations, customers who produce a thread also prepare the component to receive the thread. For tapping or cold forming, a hole will be drilled. For screw cutting, die cutting or roll forming, a diameter will be turned. Other preparation or finishing processes may also be necessary such as reliefs, countersinks or de-burring operations. In some cases completed threads may require gauging for quality control purposes therefore 5S Supply can provide a ‘one stop shop’ for the complete process requirement.

The business of Lathgo will continue from their existing premises at 6 Hillsborough Old Road in Lisburn until the end of the year before re-locating to our Derriaghy Sales Office in January 2012. Mr Bothwell will continue to provide his knowledge and experience as a Technical Sales Consultant within the merged business for the foreseeable future.

Irvine Bothwell & Cameron Grieve

30th June 2011

New Sales Office

5S Supply Ltd is pleased to announce the Opening of our new Sales Office which will become operational during July.

The office is conveniently located at Derriaghy, between Belfast and Lisburn, and is easily accessible from junctions 3 and 6 of the M1 motorway.

Ample forecourt parking is available for customers who may occasionally wish to avail of a free consultation or collect goods.

Click here for full contact details and a map

5th April 2011

Focus on Special Tools

5S supply have recently been focusing on the provision of special tool solutions. Our customers are often disappointed by the slow response, long lead times and high costs associated with their enquiries when they fall outside the range of standard tooling available from mainstream manufacturers.

To address the problem, key suppliers have been identified who can satisfactorily respond to our customers needs when a standard solution is not available. The focus has already resulted in the provision of a number of very successful solutions by Brunswick Tooling, Euskron SA and several other smaller manufacturers.

As part of this focus, a series of promotional visits along with Euskron SA Proprietor, Avelino Garcia and Export Manager, Helmut Fischer were made in March to some of Ireland’s key production engineering companies.

Euskron SA is a spanish company who specialise in the manufacture of high quality indexable insert cutting tools for both ISO and non ISO inserts. Although they produce a range of standard products, the purpose of the visits was to promote their excellent capability and fast response in special tools which they make to a very high standard and with relatively short lead times.

An excellent example of a successful solution is this ‘pull back’ countersinking tool. The tool is offset from centre under CNC control and offered through the hole to be reverse countersunk. When offset back onto centre and pulled back under power the tool will produce the desired countersink. A similar design has also been produced to reverse counterbore or ‘back spotface’.

Further examples of other special design solutions from Euskron are shown below:

17th September 2010

Small Parts Machining

A recent sales trip focusing on Irelands CNC décolletage providers found the sector to be very active. Thanks to a busy medical sector and an improving automotive industry, demand for parts suitable for Swiss type sliding head lathes is already high and continuing to increase.

Many of the leaders in this field were visited during a three day tour by 5S Supply Ltd and Madaula SA, a global market leader in the manufacture of high tech live spindle accessories for all types of CNC machines but with a particular focus on sliding head machines.

A key purpose of the tour was to promote Madaulas MMT (Madaula Modular Tooling) quick change driven tool system for Tornos Deco machines. The system saves time by eliminating the need to dismount and remount the gang mounted live toolholders at setup changeover, with more space also being made available in the machine due to the ability to operate with less of the toolholders. (Click the link for more info)
Madaula Modular Tooling

The system generated significant interest as setup time and tool capacity are important issues on these machines, with significant running cost reductions being made possible with any improvements made. Users of other machine types such as Star, Citizen and Miyano were also very impressed with the possibility to reduce costs and increase machine capacity through the application of multi output driven spindle units, radial adjustment units, ‘y’ axis shifted units, ‘y’ axis adjustable units and spindle speed multipliers.

Driven tools for Star Machines

Driven tools for Citizen machines

Driven tools for Miyano machines

Driven tools for Tornos Deco machines

Modern sliding head machines, with their multiple axis capability, sub spindles and additional turrets, are just as likely to produce a small prismatic part as a small turned part. The more complex the part, the more the capably of the machine is demonstrated. Thread whirling was another area of interest for many users and Madaula’s solution was discussed at length, in particular the capability to adjust the head by up to 30° to facilitate the high helix angle required on multi start threads.

Thread whirling tools

Also important with this type of tooling is the possibility to service and refurbish the units as part of planned maintenance or when required. Click on this link for more information on Madaulas quick turnaround repair service.

Madaula quick repair service

21st April 2010

Euskron’s amazing adjustable angle, multi radius lathe tool

No centre lathe should be without this extremely versatile, adjustable angle turning tool. The tool is supplied as a kit, which includes; the tool body, two cartridges, (one for angle forming and one for the radius forming inserts) and a set of nine radius forming inserts covering 0.5 – 5mm in 0.5mm increments.

The kit is perfect for tool rooms, maintenance shops and general purpose engineering work shops where components may require a variety of different fillet radii or chamfered lead angles, either externally or in the bore.

Click this link to view the brochure

Click this link to register your interest in the kit